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by - Monday, February 13, 2017



Are you ready for valentines day? Do you celebrate it? or you just chill as treat it as a regular day?

My hubby doesn't believe it Valentines day. We've been married for 9 years and he don't believe in it. hehe but we still go out for dinner date or something on February valentines week. lol

This vid is a vlog post on what we did last Friday. i salute the vloggers who do vlog daily. its a lot of work lol 

Also in line with this video. here is the apple cider vinegar recipe i use every morning. less bloating, weight loss and lots of health benefits.

1-2 TBLS of organic raw apple cider vinegar. stored in glass 

1/4 cup of water to taste. more or less. 

1/2 teaspoon of honey to states. 

my belief is your tummy is made of acid and adding a nature created bio available acid to your tummy can only help your body perform digestion better. other natural acids that should be incorporated into yout diet. Fermented foods like natural pickles that are not heat treated. lots of spices and quality salt and ACV. eat one with each meal will help you gut warm up. the pickles will help you get ACV in your diet if you dont like shots. 

Here is the shake recipe too!

one cup of frozen fruit. (assorted to get different verity. "mangoes, strawberry, blue berry, raspberry, or any mix") this is the flavor

one cup of frozen veggies, (broccoli "my fave", but any verity will do. and as always mix it up for a wide range of nutrients and help with other nutrient build up)

1 cup of frozen leafy greens, (Spanish, kale, chard, dandy lion, etc. any and all are great) 

1 med carrot. (do i need to say more)

half banana if you have them on hand. added sweet. i peel, half and freeze them once they are brown ripe. 

1 heaping tbls of hemp seed (fats, protein and fiber)

1 heaping tbls of chia seed (more fats, protein  and fiber)

2 heaping tbls of oat meal. (get the quality stuff) for carbs and fiber

quarter size slice of fresh ginger or 1/8 teaspoon dry ginger  (i believe any all all spices are great for smoothly mix and match each have different health benefits we are prob missing out on or at least can always use more of)

1-2 dates for added sweetness and all the good it provides not just the simple sugars

1 serving of protein powder (i use whey because the rest of the smoothly is all veggie and milk(animal) protein will ensure a complete BCAA (branch chain amino acids) 

2 servings of green powder (i like quality mixes with at least 2 kinds of algea, and 2 kinds of grass, and anything else are fillers)

This is our own recipe :)

Enjoy this video!

ps. enjoy your valentines day! or February 14th!

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live life and enjoy!



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