Presidents day weekend! GG Marmont matelassé! //Cheers Marie!

by - Sunday, February 19, 2017



Are you enjoying your presidents weekend? I love long weekends like this coz it gives me extra day just do errands and house chores!

Anyway! Do you remember back in 2009 i used to do fashion post at chictopia website? heres the link i used to dress up like everyday and take pics of my outfit! but having kids changes life hehe now i barely have time to sit and blog like this. hehe

Thats why i love blogging during sunday mornings! sunday morning blog share are the best. everything is so quiet and i can type away.

Today i want to share what i wore last valentines day weekend! nothing fancy! if you know me i live in tshirt and jeans. tshirt and shorts. tshirt and vans. thats how i dress up these days! or tshirt and yoga pants! haha mom goals!

In this outfit of the day post i wore the billy! shirt that Candice Pool Neistat design. (wife of Casey Neistat)

I love how simple yet classy looking this shirt is. i also ordered in in white! you'll see one of these days how i wore it on our vlogs! 

Also my love for bright bags! i use to like black brown bags and now im expanding my collection and adding bright purses as statement to my collection. when i was researching Gucci Marmot Matelasse, i wanted the black version. My hubby told me if im getting something special it should bright. then i realize since i wore i lot of black and white classic tees, bright bags are the best statement.

Here is a quick unboxing picture of the Gucci Marmont!

this blog is getting long haha but i hope you enjoy this old school way of blogging i used to do back in 2004-2009.

Enjoy the rest of your presidents long weekend!!!

Outfit of the day! ottd details:

American eagle jeans -
Vans shoes -
Billy! shirt -
Gucci GG Marmont matelassé mini bag -

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live life and enjoy!



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