Before and After Invisalign, Dental Implants, and IV Sedation! //Cheers Marie!

by - November 18, 2016



Finally back blogging! The dental implants as you can tell by the title of this video is the reason i haven't blog. I was really scared and nervous. Got so many what ifs. lol what if after IV Sedation i did not wake up, What if if my FSA, Flex Spending Account wont work? what if the implants will break or my bones break? hahahaa so many what ifs but i'm happy to say, i woke up from sedation and i'm here blogging.

I want to blog today so my experience are still fresh in my mind.

I had 3 dental implants, i did 1 year invisalign and still going. Started my invisalign back in november 2015 and today im still using invisalign until the crown for my dental implants are done. I will have a permanent retainer to wear at night, to keep my teeth straight.

Its been my insecurity that my teeth doenst look good at all. I suffer from teeth loss and gingivitis. I was not taking care of my health and my teeth. I end up doing invisalign since i lost three big tooth that helps me chew few. I end up being pescetarian coz i cant chew meat. Five years ago my old dentist told me to get implants before my teeth move. I don't have money back in the day so i kept my gums blank. 3 teeth missing and it leads to teeth/bone movement.

The main reason i wanted to get invisalign is to straighten my teeth so the dental implants can be place. As year pass by my teeth move and today i had 3 dental implants.

My video will explain what happend and how my teeth was save by invisalign and dental implants.

I think the scarest part is IV Sedation durig dental implants. I'm always scared of IV's since i give birth to my children. The dental implants i didnt remember what happend at all. it was painless until now im getting headache and my face feels swollen which is normal. i over reacted being scared. as a normal person will do hehe

ps. i paid for all the expenses in my invisalign and implants. some are covered by my insurance some are from flexible spending or fsa account. some are straight out of our savings.

Hope you guys learn something in this video and subscribe!!

I will be back in our normal fun vlogs after this video :)

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live life and enjoy!



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