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by - Monday, November 14, 2016



Its been 5 days i posted new blog and new vlog. I'm preparing myself for another procedure. this time im will have three dental implants since i was not that good with my teeth when i was little lol (titasofmanila) problem haha

Anyway, our schedule is super crazy with Alyza's schedule. So whenever we get a chance to do a vlog worthy video we take advantage about it.

Yesterday we went to my friend Khans farm again. this time the kids are with us! Its like a real life petting zoo for them!

I was surprised how farm life can be so relaxing! We took lots of pics and this vlog!

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and congrats to broncos for winning the game yesterday. The game was so crazy and the saints gave us a winning game! hehe

Also, Hubby's birthday weekend/birthday month was great! We surprised him with another zucchini cake hehe Celebrated Veterans day weekend as well!

More vlogs coming soon, i will do an update about my post colonoscopy and endoscopy. Plus since i like to document my medical stuff, i will vlog about my dental implants ;) haha

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live life and enjoy!



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