Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns! Denver Nuggets Dancers! //Sanchez Fun

by - Monday, November 21, 2016



I'm back after few days with my dental implants. I'm not 100% yet but slowly recovering from the procedure/surgery. The implants are hurting so bad since the pain of healing is processing. What i just said doesnt make sense? yeah maybe. I'm still recovering.

Anyway, last Wednesday night was the game of Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns. Denver won 120-104. It was a fun game. More fun since Alyza and the rest of Denver Nuggets Dancers, mini cheerleaders/ junior denver nuggets dancers performed at half time!

Super proud of our baby doll. She love dancing and we support her in every cheerleading/dancing activity she does. She's so good at it and she looks like a pro! (not saying that coz she's my daughter but she really did great!)

Hope you guys enjoy this video! we are getting ready for thanksgiving since we are hosting again this year! More family time! Cant wait!

Enjoy thanksgiving week break! (fall break)

ps. its getting cold now here in denver and we had our first snow fall last thursday that means, more vids shoot inside the house and then more giveaways!

congrats Krystal Cordero for winning the $25 apple gc. Enjoy!

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live life and enjoy!



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