Butcher a lamb. Humane sheep slaughter. (MUST READ! MUST WATCH!)

by - Thursday, October 27, 2016



Last Sunday, we went to my friends farm to butcher/slaughter a lamb/sheep.

My friend has a farm in Franktown Colorado. She has goats, lambs, chicken and other animals. 

It was good experience to be out of the city and see farm life. 

I remember when i used to live in the Philippines, when there is a special occasion, my grandma goes to the farmers market and we butcher a chicken. Can't get more fresher and organic than that.

My hubby shot the sheep/lamb in the most humane way. its kinda weird to be honest to see an animal few minutes before they die. Its a mix emotion experience per say.

Anyway, we butcher and slaughter it. Packed and freeze it. Now my hubby is preserving the skin so we can make sheep skin rug. A lot of process but its a great experience.

Thanks Khan and Hip for welcoming us to your farm!

Hope you're ok with this video. 

Comment below what you think. Thanks for watching!

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. aww the animals were soo cute!! especially the lambs😭😭 the camera shots on the drone & angles were on point tho👌