Thirty one!

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2015



First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes. Life is great, i really appreciate the time you took to post a happy birthday in my wall, sent me twits, instagram and text/call messages! Thanks for all the gifts from fam and friends :)

Back in the day when I was still single, I was worried about how things will work out for me. I was too focus on my career and always think about stuff i cant control. I still remember the day when i was so worried turning 30 yrs old. Now i'm 31, i couldn't ask for anything else. I worry too much and if I can turn back time and tell myself not to worry about life, maybe i wont have so much wrinkles in my face haha jk

Before, i wish for so many things. Now my life goals are complete. Job that practices my college degree, cars that help us to all our transpo needs. My husband who is always there support me and listen to me. My kids who are my constant reminder that i'm so lucky to be called a mom.

At this point of time, my only wish is to make more memories with my family. Can't wait to travel again! :)

Life is amazing! Always remember that!

By the way, my giveaway is still open and i will post the winner of the new apple tv in two weeks! Good luck to everyone who joined!!!!

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live life and enjoy!

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