Wish on a starfish!

by - Friday, May 15, 2015



Ayden turns 16 months old today. Alyza is almost done with Kindergarden. The kids are growing up so fast that I feel like I'm getting really old. Until now, I still remember the day when my parents turned 30 and how i was transitioning to be in highschool.

Good ol time!


Even if it is still Spring here in the US. Summer is almost here. Colorado weather been so crazy lately that we got so much rain and the grass grew so fast, its annoying. (mowing and all yard stuff)

Anyway, my blog post today is dedicated to things that I love wearing during summer. Ever since I was a kid, i love tank tops and white tees. Since I grew up in a tropical country, i think i master dressing up for Summer time.

So here are my summer essentials. Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle.

1. White tees
2. SPF 50 sunscreen
3. Mostuirizer
4. Jean shorts
5. Ripped Jeans
6. Coconut water
7. Beach. Lake. Water. Starfish. Wish on a starfish
8. Bicycle Ride
9. Unwind. relax. do nothing
10. Enjoy life. Enjoy life.

Wish on a starfish

TGIF and Enjoy your weekend!

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live life and enjoy!

PS. my youtube giveaway is still up. few more days to enter and i will choose the winner!!! goodluck!!!!

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