What's inside my diaper bag?

by - Thursday, January 22, 2015



What's inside my diaper bag?

When I gave birth to Alyza, I always struggle what to put in my diaper bag. I usually over pack and end up carrying this huge bag together with my purse. That was almost 6 years ago.

Now I think I master what to place in Ayden & Alyza's diaper bag.

We have two diaper bags, one is the cargo pod underneath Ayden's stroller. The other one is a March by Marc Jacobs diaper bag similar bag here >> click this :) i got mine in Nordstrom rack but they still sell a different pattern in nodstrom :)
So what's inside these two bags!

1. Onesies and Pajamas - i love the gerber onesies - i usually buy them at target - link here ; they are cotton, breathable and so easy to wash.

2. Dr brown bottles, Milk, To go milk and water - these bottles are amazing! less colic and great technology - link here ; we placed emergency pre made milk and water for similac. These premade stuff helped us when we ran out of water in Ayden's bottle.

3. Diapers and Wipes - Huggies and Honest diapers are what we use. Here's the link to honest website to get your free trial - click this 

4. Emergency kit - this is a life saver. you know how Alyza get bruises or just needed some tlc. this to go emergency kit is amazing! - here's the link We also add some allergy medicine and baby tynenol just in case.

5. Camera - i usually place our waterproof camera in the kids diaper bag. If i didnt bring my dslr or go pro.

6. Blanket and Bibs - i use the blanket as a wipe if i dont want to use the wet wipes or bibs when Ayden is eating food.

7. Teether and Toys - Since Ayden is teething, i usually bring a teether. i like the como tomo teether, i posted it on my instagram before - here's the link  

 8. Hand Sanitizer and Lip balm - For general hand cleaning and eos lip balm for Alyza's lips since its so dry here in Colorado.

Below are some useful links what's inside my diaper bag. Hope this will help you if you're a new parent or just want to reorganize what you carry. Post in the comment below if you have questions or just say hi! :)

 What's inside my diaper bag? by maryiangge

Glam Bands ponytail hair tie

MANGO elastic hair tie
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Eos lip treatment
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Body cleanser

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