Ayden turns one!

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Ayden turns one!

At the age of 30, I still can't believe I have a 5 years old little girl who's turning 6 soon and a little man who turns one today!

During my pregnancy me and Tony (also the rest of the fam) are excited to see Ayden. He is a blessing to us coz it took us almost 8 months to have him. i know we've been telling people that were not having another one after Alyza but in reality, me and my husband had a long conversation if we are having another one or not. We went to different pros and cons which is a smart parenting skill to have. (can we afford another baby?, can we give the same lifestyle with the second child?, how much college savings does the kids needs?, going back to work after giving birth?, who's gonna take care of the baby when we both go back to work? And yes we decided to have another one when Alyza turned 4.  

It was s struggle to have another baby in my case. I almost give up since I was having trouble getting pregnant again, which is a surprise coz we have Alyza right away. We didnt announce it in facebook that i was pregnancy until my 2nd trimester came. My friend nessi, noticed Tony's instragam post that i look preggo and she didnt even tell me she just said "lola!" (our pet names haha) 

here is the instagram photo:

Ofcourse our family knows I'm preggo before we announce it. We wanted to make sure that Ayden is healthy inside my tummy before we announce our blessing!

More blessing since he is a boy. A true answered prayer. We wanted a boy as our second child and it came true. We can't even explain how excited we are when we found out its a boy.

Last year 2014 at 9amish, I was in the labor and delivery and so anxious to give birth to our son. I know what I'm going though since I had Alyza in C Section. I hate the anesthesia and needle poking stuff. Which is weird coz I have 3 tattoos. haha

Not many people know that Ayden went through rough first 3 months as a new born. When i gave birth to him, on my 3rd day in the hospital, he didn't pass the oxygen test and his heart beat is not normal. He was in NICU for 2 days and when we got home from the hospital, we have a tube that connects to a home oxygen to help him breathe. If you zoom in to this picture you can see the tube that connects to his oxygen. Thank God my mom is in town to help me with household chores plus taking care of Ayden and Alyza while Tony still go to work regularly. It was the longest three months of our lives.

We didnt infrom everyone (except for family and close friends) about his status because we dont want people to have a pitty party. I'm sharing this experience right now to help parents like us what we have done to make him healthy and strong. Now, his 1 he is healthy as he can be. In fact Ayden's weight right now is the same weight of Alyza when she was 2. He surpass her sissy's weight.

The doctor came in the house every one Friday to check how his breathing is. We have an oxygen tank beside his crib, an oxygen to go whenever we go somewhere to make sure he breaths good. I admit its sad to carry an oxygen bag and a car seat without anybody noticing us. I dont like when people feel sad about our live. Makes me feel I didn't do my part when i was preggo with him. I will also confess that whenever i take and post pictures of him for the first 3 months, i removed the oxygen tank and any traces of the tube so people wont question us in line what is going on with him. My sis Dez asked me where is her oxygen when i post new pics in social media, i honestly told her i took a pic real quick and place back his oxygen. 

There are times at night I almost give up and cry why him and what did i do wrong for him to suffer in this. Maybe my hormones are still mess up that time? we prayed during these times.

Here are the stuff we did to keep him healthy during his first 3 months in oxygen.
- literally monitor his heart beat (thank God for our insurance plan, most of the oxygen stuff is covered with insurance)
- make sure we write down every meal he takes 
- monitor his sleep patterns
- since im breastfeeding, i watch what i eat and make sure it benefits him (i'll do another blog post about breastfeeding)
- check oxygen status, if the tank produces right amount of oxygen or not.

These are the only few things i can share and the other things are the stuff his pedia informed us to do. Again, every baby is different and every baby has different way of being a baby.

To sum up! The past year was the best year in our lives, Alyza learned to be a big sister, Nutmeg (our dog) learned to love and stopped being jealous to Ayden.

Here is the pics of Ayden's monthly growth. I'm so glad we took pics of him every month. This is a good tip for future parents out there. We did the same thing with Alyza. We love how we can look back at the pics and enjoy how our kids grow up to be an amazing person!!!!

I'll do another blog post about our celebration tonight :)

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live life and enjoy!

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