by - Wednesday, January 08, 2020


How are you doing? Hope you are ok.

I sign out of sites. social media stuff. Sign out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm keeping my site and Youtube logged on. For updates :)

I will try my best to post notes here www.marieblog.com since i love sharing my thoughts even if my grammar is not perfect. Things are not perfect anyway. Nothing is perfect.

2020 here are my goals. not resolutions, but goals i want to accomplish. I hope to achieve.

- Self care, self understanding. i need to learn what's going to me.

- Less time in front of the computer, phone and other tech. i will focus on these things when i'm at work and not when i'm with my family. This one will be so hard coz this is my what i do everyday haha

- Find an outlet. Learn a new hobby. Enhance my skills in photography. Take more photos. Learn film. Back to basics.

- Cross Stitch. Sew. Teach our kids to do these skills.

- Clean. Less Things. Sell things that don't serve me anymore.

- Listen to my husband more. Stop focusing of myself. Things are not about me. we are a team.

- Keep doing yoga. Sculpt classes. Almost 150 classes wohoo. Body restore. Hawaii goals haha

- Eat better.

- Breathe.

- Focus on now. Stop thinking what happened in the past. I need to move forward.

- Try to forgive myself so i can forgive others.

- Live life now. enjoy the now. who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Cheers 2020!

ps. this blog and my youtube channel will be the outlet of updates for now :)

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live life and enjoy!

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