Sunday, September 25, 2016

Open Air Adventure Park, Estes Colorado //Sanchez Fun



Big day today! Broncos is playing! Sunday fun day, Sunday football.

In today's video blog was our adventure at Open Air Adventure Park last friday September 23, 2016. Since the park is near our mountain house, we decided to stop by. Alyza really want to experience this! We paid $30 per person with military discount. 90 minutes of fun!

Watch this video for the full vlog of our experience!

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GO BRONCOS for today's game! See you soon Denver!

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stanley Hotel, Estes Colorado, Aerial views! //Sanchez Fun



Did you have a great Friday? Happy Saturday!

Here is our vlog from yesterday, September 23, 2016! drove from Denver to Estes Park Colorado!

Quick get a way before the full fall weather kicks in! Its amazing how the trees are in full bloom fall colors. The weather temperature drop, officially summer is over! Light jackets are out, boots are in! Fall is really here!

The Haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado, where in the movie shinning was filmed. A landmark per say!

We took a bunch of aerial views, drone shots. Using our handy DJI drone Phantom 4. 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

First day of Fall!!!! Summer highlights!!! //Sanchez Fun



Today, September 22, 2016 is the first day of fall aka Autumn!

The First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) 2016 :) 

I love fall but i love summer more! Its like weird combined feeling where in you love to see the colors of the trees changing but you're sad that summer sunshine will be over soon. Days will be shorter and night will be longer.

In this blog post, i want to recap what we did and how busy it was for our summer! I cherish every single moment that my family enjoy the warm hugs of summer!

Here are the highlights of our summer!

1. Visit cali to meet friends. Balut and Filipino food time!

2. Fam time Easter!

3. End of season for Alyza's Denver nuggets cheerleading!

4. Ayden's silly face. Fireplace still being use since Colorado summer is weird like that!

5. Orchids are blooming!

6. Ayden finally got his haircut! (he got two haircuts during summer since his hair grows like crazy!)

7. Saw the Samurai show at Denver Museum!

8. Mother's day was special day!

9. Ayden knows how to brush his teeth by himself.

10. Watching hubby play kickball with his co workers!

11. Alyza plays coach pitch. Diamond Divas won the championship!

12. Park and Playground fun times!

13. Cooked the biggest serving of Pancit and got the biggest cast iron i can cook it with!

14. Saw the prettiest flamingo in Denver zoo!

15. Attended Philippines indepence at Bahay Kubo

16. Alyza's back cheer leading for the Broncos! 

17. Too Gwapo! (handsome)

18. I don't see Ryan and Joanna that often but when i see them, its always fun time! This pic was Joanna's baby shower!

19. Celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary!

20. Fourth of July was so fun! Can't forget how the kids face looks like when they saw fireworks!

21.Camping at bear creek!

22. Finally got a drone! 

23. Practice Yoga on the Rocks!

24. Alyza is crazy for shopkins! watch her unboxing videos here > Unboxing videos!!! click this link!!

24. Antique shopping at broadway!

25. Sunday's are spent in the archery range. if you follow my instagram, you will see my sunday funday shoots!

26. Spend some time at the lake = colorado version of beach!

27. Alyza's first day at Second grade!

28. Dave and Busters are always fun! pokemon go was a hit!

29. Kids first time riding the light rail (MRT/LRT version of denver) plus Rockies game!

30. Trips at Elitch Garden, ATV riding, Italian Festival, and Road trips to the mountains to see fall colors!!

Goodbye summer twenty sixteen! i will see you next year :) Hello Fall colors!

To watch all our vlogs!! Click play below :) Its a playlist for all our fun family times!!!

Thanks for reading this long blog post! :) Enjoy Fall 2016!!!!

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