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by - Friday, December 08, 2017



Happy Friday!!! Weekend i'm ready! are you ready? hehe

I want to share my journey in this diet i've been for almost a year now. I'm going to be honest with you, its hard. No gluten and No dairy is super hard. In my one year journey, i cheated in this diet multiple times. And those cheat days were brutal. i was so sick and cant move. My stomach was so mess up.

I'm writing this blog as a journal on what I've avoided and how my doctor visits/doctor phone calls made me realize to stick to the diet and be healthy for my family.

Back in August 2016. i had endoscopy and colonoscopy. days before that procedure i was so sick and doctors cant figure out whats going on.

Lab test/procedure went great. they found some hemorrhoids but not so serious that i will be so sick. i was so scared what will happen and it affected me emotionally.

i talked to my doctor and suggested that i will change my diet.

No gluten and no dairy! it was so hard to follow this diet. food everywhere. i grew up eating like 7 times a day! typical Filipino family food. rice morning, meat, bread etc. so you know how hard it is for me. plus eating out is the worst! everything has gluten or dairy!

i had a wake up call last thursday and i end up in urgent care. i was so sick and i cant move. my belly was cramping like crazy. ultrasounds didnt find anything. blood test was ok. so i told myself, no more cheat days!

since its almost end of the year of 2017! i bet we all have new years resolution to eat better, exercise more or be leaner for 2018!

I want to share my go to food and you can buy most of them at amazon or target. or buy bulk at costco. Here are the top 5 foods i like that has no gluten and no dairy. hope this list will help you start to eat better :)

1. Gluten free bread! 

2. Organic veggies and food!

3. Vegan Chocolates!

4.  Quinoa - This taste like rice!

5. Oatmeal ( i usually eat this on weekends where i have more time to cook)

ps. please consult your doctor before going in this diet. :)

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live life and enjoy!



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