Unboxing Canon 70d! //Cheers Marie!

by - Thursday, September 15, 2016



First of all, i'm gonna warm you if you are an Apple user/iPhone user to not update your phone yet. I ran to some issues and i don't want you guys to experience it. My wifi is acting up, finger print is too sensitive with the update that it locked my phone. In short, don't update yet. hehe

By the way, thank you for watching the bean boozled challenge. We really enjoyed that challenge, i think we should do more challenges that is family friendly. Comment below if you agree :)

Anyway, new video! This will be our back up camera that will stay in our little filming room. To prepare for filming during winter season here in Colorado. I wish i can stay out in the backyard when filming, the lightning there is just great!

Hope you enjoy the video and Almost weekend again!!! woot woot!!!

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live life and enjoy!



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