Denver Broncos Training Camp plus Top of Castle Rock! //Sanchez Fun

by - Sunday, September 18, 2016



Half way to September! Fall is here for sure!!!

We just got home from long drive up in the mountains, got a bunch of cool Fall Colors shoots!!! (Today's blog will be posted either tomorrow or tuesday!)

Anyway, yesterday was a jam packed day! Alyza's moscow ballet nutcracker practice. She will be auditioning for nutcracker, either she make it or not, we are so proud of her for trying and stepping up her ballet classes! We drove up to parker yesterday to drop her off at Denver Broncos Training camp. While we wait for Alyza's Denver Broncos Junior Cheerleading practice to be over.. me, hubby and Ayden drove up to Castle rock. We went on top of the Castle Rock famous rock then did quick drone shots there. We also went to Restoration Hardware to check out some cool house stuff.

Big big congrats to the Broncos for winning today's game. We didn't watch the Broncos vs Colts but we listened to the whole game while stuck in i70 traffic!

Since Denver won over the Indianapolis football game today 34-20. Here is our vlog from yesterday! Hope you're having a super Sunday Fun day!

Enjoy this video!!!

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live life and enjoy!



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