A Taste of Colorado! September 2-5, 2016!

by - Friday, September 02, 2016



Since its Labor Day weekend! Here is one of the things you can do this weekend! Its the Taste of Colorado! I visited this today during my lunch break and it has more vendors that it used to be! Some are still setting up when i stop by today!

I want to share this since lots of people are thinking what to do this weekend! The "A Taste of Colorado" is open to public. Things to expect!

A Taste of Colorado! September 2-5, 2016!

1. Be prepared that they will search your bag before you enter the civic center
2. No pets allowed
3. Bring cash since you need to purchase festival tickets to buy foods and drink
4. Vendors accept credit cards but they prefer cash
5. Lots of food!
6. Bands! I heard boys II men will be performing!
7. Good place to buy colorado native products
8. Good stop to start your Christmas shopping!
9. Kids stuff, arcade, games etc
10. Enjoy labor day weekend with the fam!

Hope this will help you what you can do this labor day weekend. this is not a sponsored post, just want to share this idea!

Have fun and safe Labor day weekend!

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live life and enjoy!



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