Shopkins! Megatastic Fun!

by - Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Last night i posted that i haven drunk coffee in one month. This is life changing for me. I love coffee so much, i drink it too much. I remember when i was preggo with the kids, i sacrificed coffee before during and after pregnancy. almost 2 years no coffee and i survived.

As i do this journey to eating healthy. i want to blog about my expediences in the near future. I'm no diet expert but I'm starting to be healthy like hubby for our children.

Anyway! New video today!!!

Alyza's Shopkins! Megatastic Fun! We bought this at costco and she promised us to read more books since she got this shopkins. Give and take reward system.

Hope you guys enjoy this video and i'm excited (im always excited) to post my next video. Thanks for all the visit the other day, my blog hit almost 2k visit in one day :)

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live life and enjoy!



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