Double double! Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.

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Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!!

How was your week? Mine was a roller coaster hehe 

"this is my picture before the procedure ;)"

By the title of this blog, you must be wondering why I'm sharing this info on my blog. This topic should be personal or too much information to share. I thought of that as well but after going through these procedures, i want to share my experience. The reason i want to share this endoscopy and colonoscopy experience because not a lot of information on the web to read.

Before my procedure, i was googling things about endoscopy and colonoscopy. what to do, what to prep and what to expect. i was disappointed when there is no personal blogs out there to read. I also made a vlog about this procedure. here is my experience about double procedure called FLIP. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.

7 days before my procedure i was preparing myself already. kaiser, my health provider sent me this document (link here) to prep. One month ago I stop drinking coffee, just to clear my body out of caffeine. 

5 days before my procedure, i called Kaiser and make sure my appointment is still on place, no delays. no cancellation or change of schedule. Bought the supplies needed/pick it up at my pharmacy since its covered by my insurance. here is the list from kaiser.

--One jug of prescription GaviLyte-C (this has been ordered for you)
--One pack of Dulcolax (bisacodyl) tablets
--One bottle of chewable Simethicone
--One tube of A&D ointment (optional)

1 day before my procedure, i did a clear liquid diet. After dinner at 6pm (night before the procedure) i stop eating solid food just stick to clear liquid. I drink apple juice and water all day. i worked that day and i survived without eating. 

Night before my procedure, i drink half of the GaviLyte starting at 6pm until 8pm with 15 minutes interval. then i woke up at 2:30amish to finish the rest of the solution. To be honest, i didn't finish the last 2 cups of the solution coz its so gross. Also its like I'm over about drinking it already.

Since i was awake since 2am. i just stay awake until the time to go to the doctors. Drop off the kids to school and went to the hospital. Its funny how i was so scared (which is normal) before the procedure since i don't know what to expect. The nurse prep me for my procedure and i was so happy I know the doctor (some people find it weird but i felt relieved when i know the doctor, which was a surprise to me too until he walked in for my procedure)

After i talked to my doctor, the nurse gave me an IV (Intravenous therapy) (I hate IV) and they did the procedure. I pass out. i don't remember anything at all which is good. All i remember is the warm double blanket the nurse wrap me up since i feel so cold. Then i woke up I'm in the recovery room and my husband was by my side. 

You need a driver after the procedure, my hubby is with me of course so he drove for me after the procedure. Walked to the car, and as soon as i sat in the car, i feel as sleep again. woke up and were at home. i didn't ever remember lying down the couch and woke up around 6pm. my husband said i was texting people, i didn't remember texting my friends too. i woke up at 8pm to eat yogurt then fall asleep again around 10pm.

Today, i woke up around 5:30am, got ready for work and drop off the kids. I didn't expect to be working the next day but i feel good so i decided to go to work rather than stay home and rest. The procedure went ok and found out some little things but these things can be treated. My throat still hurt because of the endoscopy and i have my throat muscle adjusted. My belly feels good. I feel so clean. this will be a good reset for me and starting today no more excuses that its cheat day or something. I will just eat clean from now on.

After all these process. i think my body will thank me for a good reset. its like rebooting my whole body to a fresh start again. 

i'm glad that i drop off the kids before i felt dizzy while driving. Now back to work. I want to blog this asap so i can still remember what happened before the procedure. Hope this will help you prep before your endoscopy and or colonoscopy. in my case, i had both procedures. 

Over all, its not that bad at all. I exaggerate on how bad the drink was but it was just that feeling that you don't want to drink a solution again and again. Its not that bad, its all in the brain/mind.
Tip: think about your favorite drink while drinking the GaviLyte (in my case i was thinking about mango shake hehe)

read my next blog post and i will share my vlog about Endoscopy and Colonoscopy preparation, before and after the procedure as well.

enjoy the rest of your day! Good luck to you if you are reading this and preparing for your own procedure :)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing😁 I am also having both done. Dis you have general anesthesia??