Fall is here!

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2015



It's first day of fall and everything seems to change in an instant. The weather is chilly in the mornings now and leaves are changing. These are my top five things me and my family love doing during the sweater weather!

1. RAKE LEAVES - its free if you have a yard that has a bunch of leaves fallen. or yo can go to a park wherein there are bunch of leaves that you can rake and pile it up. We let the kids jump in it and they have a blast!

2. PUMPKIN PATCH - we usually go to golden colorado wherein they have this pumpkin patch that has pancakes breakfast before the event do golden pumpkin hunt. Last year, our daughter found the golden pumpkin and she won target gift card :)

3. RIDE HAY RIDES - the best thing to do when you're in the pumpkin patch, the kids love the thrill of riding in the back of the truck filled with hay. no car seat needed, the truck drives about 2-5 mph. no need to worry, just enjoy the ride.

4. CARVE PUMPKINS - since we have pumpkins in the garden, we carved our pumpkin fresh from the garden. sometimes, we buy pumpkins too just to carve extra. don't forget to add candle and turn off the lights so the kids can enjoy. just make sure to remove the candle after :)

5. TAKE PICTURES - since fall is kinda weird here in denver wherein you don't know when will it snow, take lots of pictures. memories and print them! don't let them sit in your computer or phone. have a polaroid if you have one to take pics instant!

These are my top five things to do for fall and soon you will see the latest pics here in my blog. for now, check out last years photos in my flickr site :)

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live life and enjoy!

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