April Fools your Face!

by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015



I know i know. It's been a month since I blogged and i feel so bad. Since I posted things often on my twitter/instagram/fb. Some of you guys know that I transferred to another college to work. Its been a crazy transition since until now I'm adjusting to my new role. Everything is great though, just embracing changes.

Change is good. Life is good!

So, i know most people i know hate me right now because I posted in fb that were traveling to the Philippines today. Some got the joke but some still text/imessage/google talk/etc me where I am or what are my plans when i get to Manila.

hehe im laughing as i type this blog. *go figure how i look like right now haha

April fools day today here in US and i know we're day late here (since most of my peeps are in South east asia)


And no, I'm not in Hawaii for stop over. i just posted it in fb so you can see this blog post ;p

maybe i will see manila soon! for now, I'm still here in Colorful Colorado!

Ps. snow tomorrow? i hate you snow! I'm spying on snapchat, if you're in snapchat add me! @maryiangge

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live life and enjoy!

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