For the love of Archery!

by - Tuesday, February 10, 2015



It's been a couple of weeks since I blog. Today, I want to share my love for Archery!

My husband started this hobby for himself and introduced it to me. Then our whole fam is involved. Even Alyza has her own bow and arrow. Nutmeg and Ayden usually hang out with us while we shoot.

It started even before the hype for hunger games archery is on. 

These are our sets first bow and arrows we got at Rocky Mountain Specialty Store in Sheridan, Colorado.

There are so many stores around town and online but we choose local store. Sometimes we shoot at our backyard with our own target.

Hubby used to use compound bow and he switch to traditional bow. I eventually upgraded to long bow and until now i shoot it and love it!

I'll do an update inline with this quick blog post and share more when summer came back. Leave comment below if you like archery like we do :)

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live life and enjoy!

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