Luxury Minimalist!

by - Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Hey guys!

Here we are in the middle of October writing this blog pass 9am on mountain time. Thinking why i haven't post a new blog soon. Long story long, been decluttering and super busy as usual.

I end up selling all my purses and kept two. Yes only 2!

It still hunts me in my dreams why i'm doing this but i think selling before holidays make sense. I haven't grab those purses I sold in months, some in years! So I decided to sell and keep two that i really need and use.

With all the market crashing and purses prices go high. I took advantage and sold my collection on the peak of their prices. Also as the year end, i would like to live luxury minimalist lol

I found this lady in youtube that trigger me to sell most of my stuff and just use what i use in daily. It also helped me declutter my closet, my office and the family's stuff. Now i just need to declutter the basement that have stuff for over 5 years! haha

Anyway, i have some stuff to unbox but i will wait until i'm ready to share those together with my Hermes Special Order Story. I hope i can film it this week and publish it before thanksgiving.

Just a quick check in this blog site. I hope you still visit :)

Cheers to healthy and simple life!


Live life and enjoy!

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