August 2022 is done!

by - Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Hey guys!

The month of August 2022 just flew by like how summer breeze touch my skin. It's beyond that time is so so precious and these past month lots of thinking happened. 

Its a windmill of emotions and thoughts. I'm trying to declutter my whole closet with things that don't serve me. If you are interested on these luxury items I've been posting on YouTube, send me an email if you are interested. The main reason for selling these items are emotion I'm building seeing all these non sense in my closet. Sold almost all my louis Vuitton, got 3 more left if you are interested. Sold all my Chanel purses and kept one. So all these things you see on YouTube unboxing they are almost all gone. I kept some of blankets and Hermes stuff that I know will hold the value when the time like this happened again, I can let go of those without loosing any cash value.

Part of this journey is when I watched my grandfathers funeral video I took, all he got is his hat that I got him from my trip in San Francisco back in 2000's that my dad place on top of his cassette. My grandparents are blessed in life that lots of ungrateful human want to take it from him. What I learned is that things can't be kept, we all die. People who takes our stuff when we die, they are ruthless and gross. Oh well, there's my piece. We will find justice soon. Lots of Easter eggs here but you got the point ;)

As I grow in this new season of life, you will see more vlogs and family stuff in my blog. I might drop some unboxing here and there that I know that will be great investment. Trying to do a curated closet with basic and forever stuff. Trying to help the planet earth as well. For reals!


throwback blogger days

Live life and enjoy!
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