Unboxing Hermes! plus my new Bag organizer!

by - Monday, November 22, 2021


Hey guys!

Another hermes unboxing with a new bag organizer from https://bagorganizersshop.com/

Thank you bag organizer for sending me this great bag organizer for my Hermes Picotin 22 :)

Purchase your own organizer and use promo code "marie" to get 20% off!!!

Here are the things i unboxed in this video :)

Hermes scarf - Hermes the three graces scarf size 90 https://www.hermes.com/us/en/product/the-three-graces-scarf-90-H003441Sv15/

Hermes boots - Hermes Bridge ankle boots - https://www.hermes.com/us/en/product/bridge-ankle-boot-H202130ZvY4375/

Bag organizer -  https://bagorganizersshop.com/

Hermes nail polish - https://www.hermes.com/us/en/product/les-mains-hermes-nail-enamel-rose-coquille-V60301VV003/

All opinion on my own. Purchased all these Hermes with my own money. The bag organizer was kindly sent as a gift.

Live life and enjoy!

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