Mom bod after two kids!

by - Thursday, April 16, 2020


Hey guys!

I've been dodging this topic for years!!! yes years!!! Because I hate my body after having children. I know hate is big word to tell yourself but let's be honest. After two pregnancy, two cesarian sections, child birth, weight gain, and skin stretch marks, I bet you will feel the same way hehe

so happy im crying haha

My journey in this mom bod is too much brain damaging. I jump into many workout sessions, stress eating, belly issues, dairy and gluten problems. Plus two surgeries, colonoscopy and endoscopy. Name it, i think i've experience it.

I want to share my experience because one of my friend convinced me to share this journey. Shout out to Maggie! :)

Before kids i weight 99lbs then changes to 101lbs if i eat too much or bloat before monthly period. Those days are before 2008 haha

Then during pregnancy with my daughter, at 9 months being pregnant i was 156 lbs! Dang!

First pregnancy is easy, bounce back to 124lbs then 115lbs then 110lbs. I kept the 110lbs since i was breast feeding.

Five years after giving birth to our first child, We were pregnant again and gained all the weights i lost! 9 months into pregnancy with our second child, I was 155lbs. Six years later im 126lbs in a good day and 128lbs in a bad day haha

Today, i'm proud to talk about my weight coz its not skinny fat anymore. It's muscle! I usually look at the scale and check how heavy I am. Now i take photo's and see the results. Muscles building but in today's lock down aka quarantine its hard to focus. But here are my daily activities that kept me going!!!!

1. I wear a waist band when i remember to wear it. i wear it for solid 6 hours a day! You can see from the pic above the red lines it created!. the waist band works especially when you have c section scar, thats my opinion. I bought mine at hour glass angel website 7 years ago and i still use it to this day. Here's the link of what i bought -

2. Corepower yoga! I cannot stress that enough! Sculpt classes are my favorite! I did about 180 classes since February 14, 2019! I work out 6-7 times a week before stay at home order. I stop going to studios when they said the studio is shutdown last March 13, 2020 but i still work out at home following their free classes online class for 3-4 times a week! I work out on an empty stomach. Burning stored energy works better for me. I usually work out 12-1pm or 3-4pm. 

Here are the free classes i attend if you are interested.

Wear cute workout clothes, it motivates me. might help you as well. i love lululemon!

3. I ate gluten free and dairy free. I drink shots apple cider vinegar with grade a maple syrup that my hubby makes in the morning. Then ginger shots i brought at trader joes. sometimes i will cheat on a slice of Hawaiian pizza then regret tummy aches if i don't eat my dairy and gluten medicines. If i cheat, i know i will suffer. So mostly my diet is gluten free and dairy free. I eat a lot of fish and couple days a week i eat the organic cow meat we bought from the farm here in Colorado. Its been 4 years we don't buy meat products at the store. we buy half of a cow and freeze the meat in the deep freezer. Eating clean helps a lot. i applaud my husband eating clean but sometimes we will cheat on fast food. Not all days are cheat days if you know what i mean. If you follow me on youtube, you've seen video of my lips with discolored lips. After i switch my diet to gluten free and dairy free, that discoloration went away. So eat clean as much as you can. Cheat days are ok :)

4. Schedule some activities that involve working out but you don't feel like working out. We ride our bicycles, walk the dog and archery. Those activities are regular in our life so its like working out but having fun.

5. Practice intermittent fasting. Right now i do the 18:6 where in you fast for 18 hours and have a 6 hours eating window. It's easier to fast at work. Way harder to fast at home since snacks drawers are all within reach haha My coworker introduce me to this app called zero and it helps me keep track of my fasting hours. Great app for fasting for sure!

6. Have a buddy to stop you from snacking during eating time. My husband is so good at this! He is not a snacker and it helps me. He screams at me in a good way to stop eating lol I love to snack and sneak kids snacks. I eat those haha Before quarantine i have my co workers as a buddy so i dont snack a bunch junk food! I keep a stash of sunflower seeds in my work desk if i really need something to chew on haha

7. Don't be so hard on yourself. Scale weight is just a road block to reach your goal. I keep looking at the scale and i hated my weight. Now i just think how much muscles and how my body changes makes me happy!

8. Divert your time doing other things than eating. At night after work hours, i try to watch netflix, chill with the fam or edit youtube videos. Diverting your time with productive things to do helps!

9. Lots and lots of water! if you know me or seen me working, i have HUGE mason jar of water plus my Yeti water bottle. Seriously, i drink like 12 glasses of water a day! Flush those liquids and it helps me not feel bloated!

10.Have fun! Cheer up! So cliche so right! Just have fun and you will see results!

Hope you learn something on these ten tips i do every single day :) Stay happy and healthy!

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live life and enjoy!

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