Denver Stay at Home! Things we did before the Locked down!

by - Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Hey guys!

How are you doing? This time, life is uncertain and lots of questions in my mind. Anxiety to the highest level but still breathing. Thankful that me and my husband can provide to our little family. Denver is Stay at home order!

I wonder what tomorrow will be but we are living day to day. Enjoying these moments with our kids being home school for now. Working from home and getting in each others nerves haha but we manage to talk and get this feeling of sadness. 

Now all we can do is move forward. Since we cannot be outside and practicing social distancing. i compiled these videos that i filmed couple weeks ago. 

Cheers to all nurses, doctors, soldiers, grocery workers, truck drivers, and everybody who risk their life to fight the covid-19!

We will destroy corona soon! stay home and stay safe!

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Jonny Glenn & Ally Hills - Woah -

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live life and enjoy!

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What i use to take pictures and videos

Fujifilm xt4 -
Fujifilm xt2 -
Back up camera - Canon G7x -
Drone -
DJI osmo pocket -
What i use for taking underwater shots/ action shots, Go Pro Hero 5 -
Kids baby camera -
Kids baby drone -

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