Ice Castles at Dillon Colorado! 2020 Colorado Ice Castles!

by - Thursday, February 13, 2020


Hey guys!

Are you ready for Valentine's day? hehe or you don't celebrate the hallmark occasion? ;)

Our kids got me cards, necklace and some art work from school. I usually frame these stuff and place it around our home. Best art decorations for the wall. I'll share those photos in my instagram :)

Anyway, few more days left to see the Ice Castles at Dillon Colorado. Colorado Ice Castles!

We paid with our own $ to visit the place. If you are interested here are the pricing.

120 Buffalo St, Dillon, CO 80435, USA

Weekday (Monday to Thursday)

- 12 years old and up $16.99
- 4 to 11 years old $11.99

Weekends (Friday to Sunday)

- 12 years old and up $20.99
- 4 to 11 years old $15.99

Music by:

Jaylon Ashaun - On Sight -
@Jaylonashaun - On Sight via @hellothematic

Jaylon Ashaun - Strawberries and Wine -

@Jaylonashaun - Strawberries and Wine via @hellothematic

Jaylon Ashaun - Summertime Love -

@Jaylonashaun - Summertime Love via @hellothematic

We visit the castle once a year and its an amazing experience for the whole family. We went day and night. We prefer the morning since the night show is too cold for the kids. The morning is more forgiving as well for traffic. But once 4pm start the traffic is terrible because all the ski resorts close at 4pm.

Hope you guys enjoy this video. Memories we create and share to all of you.

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live life and enjoy!

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