Time for a reset.

by - Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Hellerskie!!! How are you? Hope Fall season is giving you good vibes and good change :)

By the way, my brain says... :)

I often ask people where I work if they reset their computer. I ask them to check if the machine got a chance to reload and refocus. Most cases resetting is the answer to frozen machines.

For the past few days I had a life reset. A good reboot. Fall break. 

Our kids are on vacation and I took time off at work. I also took time off not to talk to individuals that don’t care about me and just care about theirselves. I learned that people don’t really care about you unless they need you. People don’t talk to you or just ask how you doing. Because they really don’t care. They don’t really really care.

i need water.

After resetting for the past five days, my brain and my heart is more happy. I got to take time for my kids, my husband and even our dog!

From now on, all my focus will be in my own family. I’ve been blind. I helped other people too much and now I’m helping myself. Self care is good. Very very good!

This season I will practice this self love.

Ps. I’ll post regular vids tomorrow ;) this is an early fall forward thoughts.


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live life and enjoy!

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  1. I'm glad you are resting and making time for yourself and for your fam. You definitely deserve it ate Marie! ❤❤ Have a wonderful fall season and Happy Halloween! 🎃🎊

    1. thank you girl!!!!! you enjoy your halloween as well :)