She got braces! Brace face!

by - Friday, September 06, 2019



Happy Friday!!! Finally weekend is here! what a crazy weather today here in denver! tornado warnings, hail in i70, pre fall weather!

So many things to do this weekend in denver but i want to share this experience that my daughter did last week. She got braces! hehe

When i was little, my parents didnt really push good oral hygeine since they are always busy working. i remember lying to my mom when she asked me if i brush i teeth before going to school. i told her i did by eating mentos lol hahaha now i suffered as an adult and had teeth surgery. Dental implants that result for not brushing my teeth when i was little. kinda gross, its gross, not kinda gross lol Heres the video about it.

The reason i'm sharing these experiences is make parents aware that going to the dentist shouldnt be traumatic. i was traumatized when i was little, so i know the feeling! fear of the dentist is not a good thing. make it a fun experience for your kids. Hope this video will be a motivational video for those who need to go to the dentist. 

ps. choose the dentist that makes you comfortable and suits your needs. our dentist is grace and leedy here in lakewood. kulkarni orthodontics for all our braces and invisalign stuff :)

we paid with our own $ and dental insurance for these dental coverage :)

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live life and enjoy!

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