Life at Thirty Five! //Cheers Marie!

by - Monday, May 20, 2019



Gloomy day here in Colorado. I didn't took the day off on my birthday. I usually take time and not work during my birthday. Today was different, i worked today. Weather wasn't great today. Snow rain mix, typical Spring time in the rockies! I'll take a day off during summer time. Yeah, i'll take day off on a warmer day where in i can enjoy the weather.


I still remember when my parents were thirty five. Since they had me when they were eighteen, i remember when they were at their 30's since i was a teen ager back then.

Fast forward to 2019, here i am at thirty five. Two wonderful kids, a loving husband, a life that is so blessed. I usually tell everybody "life your life to the fullest" "its gonna be amazing" i always have so positive vibe in life that sad part of my life i can't show. I choose to be happy. But i learned life is ok to be sad sometimes. I was so ashamed to show when i'm frustrated or sad. Now, i tell people when i'm not 100%. Thats lesson one.

Lesson two at 35, enjoy the moment. live and enjoy. I stop chasing things that i can't control. my husband teach me to listen more and speak less. I talk so much, sometimes i forget to listen. I over talk someone that is talking about something, no bueno. I'm still learning to listen more.

Lesson three, it's ok to see a therapist. i attended therapy session to learn to love myself, people around me and fight anxiety. i suffer from depression and its not good. Baby steps growing, even you are in your 30's you're still growing. i learned that yoga helped me focus and love my body even more. i completed almost 60 yoga classes since the beginning of February. Attended hours of body pump class and breathe. Sculpt classes makes me feel strong. So strong!

Lesson four, family first. Whatever people tell you, whatever people comment about you, whatever people criticize about you/your family. in the end, family is family. My main focus is my kids and my husband. My family. I know my husband is always there for me.

Lesson five.. life, light and love. Enjoy life. :)

ps. i'm trying to type what i feel, grammar is not 100% but you get my point. if you don't, read this blog again. peace!

cheers to thirty five!


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