World Kindness Day! //Cheers Marie!

by - Tuesday, November 13, 2018



Celebrating world kindness day. no more bad vibes!!! :)

i'm also excited about the new game of thrones trailer! Winter is here! for the throne!!! wohhooo!!!!

Just a quick blog post since i was out for couple of days. it was my hubby's birthday yesterday and we celebrated in the range. it was a super fun mondate with him!

Weekend, we celebrated with the sanchez' we enjoyed lunch and custard. it was a snow day sunday but we braved the cold.

Yesterday we enjoyed the zucchini cake and sing him happy birthday!!

ps. how will you spread kindness :)

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  1. it's great that you're spreading kindness! Happy birthday to your husband!

    ps. I will spread kindness by loving and being nice to everyone because I believe that kindness is contagious and I THANK YOU! lol pang miss universe ang sagot

    1. and world peace hehehe he said thank you for your wishes! :) ingat lagi :)