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by - Thursday, November 01, 2018



With all the drama i posted in Facebook about the human who corrects my grammar in this blog, this blog post is for you. i learned to appreciate what i have and be thankful. even if my grammar is not good, i still make $ to buy my needs and wants. i don't ask people to pay for my vacations, needs and daily expenses.

one of my friend told me about wrong grammar before, i took that advice and learned. i appreciate some who corrects my sentences nicely but the last person who made a comment is just straight up annoying, at least my blog makes $ not like you who don't have a job ;)

anyway.. its day of the dead and this day dedicated to the grammar police ;)

On the brighter side of the world. I want to share these two videos we filmed about day of the dead. we are going again this weekend at botanical gardens. we will celebrate day of the dead. a tradition we do every year. since mexican and filipino family celebrate this occasion. honoring all the souls.

my family celebrates day of the dead/all souls day. I'm praying for all the souls of my love ones. especially to my lolo doro, grandpa faustino, my nephew zeeb, my niece who died months before she was born, my best friend sherwin and my beloved dear ryan. all my prayers for you all.

Día de los Muertos is best celebrated in botanic gardens. (we paid our own $ to get in the garden)

ps. how do you celebrate this occasion? :)

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  1. That's really rude of someone, whoever that person is, saying that to you. Really, you're one of the most aspiring people I've met! And you're one of the few people I look up to because I want to be an I.T. as well, and you're truly an amazing person!