Best Place to Buy Fresh Roasted Green Chili! Federal Denver! //Sanchez Fun

by - Thursday, September 27, 2018



Since its Fall season, its chili season as well!!! wohooo!!!

Have you ever bought a chili and it says mild but its too hot to eat? We did! and its sad coz we cant enjoy a good chili. We found this best chili in federal denver. no shortcuts, all chilis are bomb!

Its the best place to buy Roasted Chili in Denver!

- Hatch chili
- Roasted Chili Peppers
- Fresh Roasted Chili Peppers
- Best Roasted Chili in Denver
- Federal Denver Chili
- Anaheim Pepper
- Poblano Pepper
- Serrano Pepper
- Jalapeno
- Banana Pepper
- Birds Eye Pepper
- Habenero

Its in W Girard Ave and Federal. Hwy 285 and feds. you wont miss it, its right by the light near the pawn shop :)

ps. we bought our own chilis we just want to share our experience. let me know if you find this kind of vlog helpful :)

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