Thirty Four! //Cheers Marie

by - Sunday, May 20, 2018



If you are a taurus like me, comment below ;)

It's a very special day today. Today is my birthday. I got gifts from the fam. One step 2 Polaroid camera, Movado watch, and a delish brunch. Brunch that made my belly upset. hahaha

Since my belly is so sensitive with food. i was telling myself today, i will cheat on my diet today and enjoy food. the food i ate was eggs Benedict, it back fired on me. vlog will be posted soon.

now, i'm writing this blog, my belly hurts. back to regular food programing tomorrow.

that is the first and last time we will eat at cafe terracota. or i will give it another chance and eat what i can eat. i will be doing 3 days cleanse before our trip in the mountains. i want to vlog about it but i think i will be not happy if i vlog it lol

Anyway, i took these photos today. i just want to share them :)

Here is a photo of my life! My sun, my moon and all of my stars.

Here is a photo of my kids. They are my sunshine and my stars. i'm wearing heels today and the kids still looks tall! ;p

ps. lots of unboxing videos coming up! :)

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