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by - Tuesday, March 13, 2018



Spring and summer is almost here! I want to share 10 activities that you can do with your daughter. This is more Father and Daughter bonding. It will be a forever memory!

1. Give your daughter flowers. Little gestures like giving flowers are the sweetest thing. My hubby always give our daughter flowers during her ballet recital :)

2. Take her to the beach. Walk in the sand. A romantic way to talk to your daughter while walking.

3. Do something adventurous! My husband taught our daughter to ride the bicycle, skateboard, atv and scooters! This will spark your daughter’s interest about outdoors!

4. Watch Disney on ice! Let her dress up like a princess! shes your princess!!!

5. Teach her a sport you will both like! Future Olympian in the making? Hehe (archery, swimming, shooting, name it!)

6. Cook a meal together. Bake something delish!  (you can always do this with her siblings or friends)

7. Visit another country or two! Pin those places in your map!

8. Daddy and daughter date. Eat out! just the king and the princess!

9. Take her ice-skating, skiing or any winter activities! Do not tell mom that you guys run the black diamond ;) 

Same thing when its summer, play outside!

10. Read a book during bedtime. Sing a song. Tuck her in to bed. This activity need to be consistent, she will always remember the nighttime routine. In addition, she will be always your little princess!

Hope you do some of these ideas! :)

Ps. Next will be mommy and son activities ;)

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