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by - Friday, January 05, 2018



Still thinking about what happened yesterday at work. the denver downtown shooting is pretty scary. 

anyway, on the positive side of life... were back on Fun Filipino words Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Here are the first fun filipino friday words for 2018! Hope learning a new language is part of your new years resolution. 

learn how to count in tagalog. Tagalog words for numbers. How to speak tagalog?

isa = one
dalawa = two
tatlo = three
apat = four
lima = five
anim = six
pito = seven
walo = eight
siyam = nine
sampu = ten

ps. let us know what tagalog words you want to learn!

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. Learning new languages is pretty fun! :) stay safe always, gotta watch your new videos on youtube now! Lol

  2. Learning new languages is pretty fun! :) stay safe always!