Christmas Tradition! Annual Christmas Ornament! //Cheers Marie!

by - Friday, December 01, 2017



Happy December!!! this is it! last month of 2017! 

So many things happen for the last 11 months and I'm ready for 2018!

I had a wake up call last night, i don't usually blog things like this but this wake up call is such a big deal for me. If you read my blogs and watch my vlogs, you know i have a lot of belly issues! Last night, i end up in the urgent care instead of going for my friends retirement party.

it was a wake up call coz i've been not eating good. sneaking foods that i shouldn't be eating. i cheated on my diet for the last two months. now its a new month new day! i promised myself i will listen to my body and do what is good. no more process food. period.

anyway!!!!! the blog today is about the annual Christmas tradition that i am happy we started 10 years ago and my husband's family started this since he was born/or before he was born.

Our tree have all these amazing annual ornaments! 

We collect ornament every year, the ornament represents what significant life event happened that year. 

through the years, these annual ornament adds up and filled up our tree. 

start this tradition with your family, kids, love ones. then as you put up your tree every year, you will remember the best time happened on the year you purchased the ornament!

here are some cute ornaments that you can purchase online to start your Christmas tradition :)

just a great christmas tradition :) 

ps. see my next blog post for more christmas traditions. 

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. That's a great idea!! I like it! I should suggest it to my mom she will like it too! Thanks!

  2. Ang cute ng archery ornament! I want to out up some Christmas decorations but I don't have time. We don't even have plans for Christmas.