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by - Friday, August 04, 2017



I'm doing this back to school kick blog post lately to remind myself i need to do these stuff before school starts in two weeks!!

The kids are ready for school and so I am. But there are bunch of things to think about. My main concern is how our kids eat healthy snack and lunches. Alyza like her lunch hot so we give her money to buy lunch at school. But since we need to pack two sets of snacks for her. One morning and one afternoon snack, I found these lunch boxes super cute and practical. 

Since I'm asian, i love love bento boxes!!! Here are my top 5 bento boxes and lunch boxes. Practical, useful, and best bento boxes! I'm not a fan of plastic lunch boxes so most of these are stainless steal :)

1. LunchBento Box - $38.99 Fits one sandwich or main meal then two sides :)

this pic is from lunch bento box:

2. Happy Tiffin - $34.99  Old school three layer - construction style lunch box

3. Planet box - $79.95 - i want these so bad but i cant justify the price. but it has so many dividers to sort bento food!

4. Eco Lunch Box - $30.95 - This is another old school cool lunch box :)

5. Meal Prep to go box - this one if you want to be practical and throw the box after using it. not mother earth friendly but does the job.

Hope you guys like these bento boxes ideas!

ps. All the pics are from amazon and all opinions are my own. Links are affiliated. 

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live life and enjoy!



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