10 Things to do before School starts! //Cheers Marie!

by - Wednesday, August 02, 2017



Countdown to days for the kids to go back in School! I have check list that i always use before school starts. Its hard to organize school stuff especially when you are a working mom and or dad.

Here is my check list before school starts and it helps with our daily schedule.

1. Download your kids school calendar. All schools have school calendar that you can download the file and make sure you add those school days in your ical or google calendar. or whatever calendar app you use. Share this with your husband/wife/nanny/partner etc. Calendar invites are handy too, you can organize it and send them invites.

2. Print first day of school sign - i download mine from this site - https://www.iheartnaptime.net/updated-back-to-school-printables-k-12/
You will thank yourself for printing this sign and let your kid hold it while taking photos. Its fun to look back on how the kids grow with this first of day photos. Also you do the same print out for last day of school. (this was alyza's photo from last year's)

3. Reorganize your kids closet. go through their old clothes, summer/fall clothes. Donate or sell them. we usually give our kids clothes to family and friends. the winter stuff we donate/sell. I always reminisce how little they are when i sort their clothes.

4. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes in advance. we do this because we always snooze! and if you're clock is on time, and then you snooze, youre late! haha or just wake up on time which is so hard to do. My car clock is always 10 minutes in advance, so i know i have spare time if there was traffic or something.

5. Plan your kids snack, lunch and breakfast. you dont want a cranky kid sitting in your car on the way to school. our kids buy lunch at school so lunch is easier for us. Costco has great deals on bulk snack. just choose wisely. Dont forget to pack WATER!!! train your kids to drink lots 

6. Plan your kids clothes, lay out what they will wear to school. since we live in colorado, weather is just crazy changing. I usually check the weather and then plan based if it is gonna be hot or cold day. bring an extra jacket/sweater in your car. and make sure your diaper bag/change of clothes bag in your car. just in case you need it! here is my post about whats in my diaper bag > http://www.marieblog.com/2015/01/whats-inside-my-diaper-bag.html

7. Set your kids backpack. Make sure you have the backpack all set before school starts.

8. Do you back to school shopping. here is my guide to do back to school shopping > http://www.marieblog.com/2017/07/online-back-to-school-shopping-cheers.html

9. Try to go to bed 30 minutes early everyday. This is our struggle every day. summer time, you go to bed late and wake up late. this year we will try to sleep early and wake up early. its hard to do this, i swear.

10. Print your summer photos. dont let them get store in your phone or in the cloud. make an album of all the summer activites/vacation you did. its a great way to end summer!

ps. these are my thoughts. all opinions are my own.

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live life and enjoy!



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