DJI Spark! Drone! //Cheers Marie!

by - Wednesday, May 24, 2017



As you know by now, DJI launch a new drone. A tiny drone called DJI Spark. As a drone owner, i want one. i want this new one. but im not sure it will perform and be as beautiful as my phantom 4.

Here how it looks like inside (picture from

you can order your own dji spark --- here's the link > 

i visit dji site and all the colored dji spark covers are sold out except for the white. i guess everyone pre ordered. for now i will enjoy our phantom 4 and check out reviews before i buy my own.

ps. im jealous to those people who can test this drone right now hehe (i need to visit a dji store and check the new spark drone) 

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live life and enjoy!



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