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by - Sunday, April 30, 2017



April flew by so fast. Tomorrow is my birthday Month! May! haha

Spring Snow here in Mile high Colorado. My brain is ready for another vacation. Can't believe its been one month since we were in Manila and we have so many vlogs to share. If i can just edit all the vids in one day haha

In this vlog, we want to share our experience and what we did in Kidzania Manila. Kidzania is a place in the philippines where in kids can pretend to be in an adult world.

There are brands like Mc Donalds, Pure foods hotdog, Goldilocks etc that has booths where in kids go inside and experience being a worker in the said brands.

I'm happy that our kids experienced how to be an adult and work for a day. Just got little sad when Ayden and Alyza throw up after they tried the red hotdog from purefoods. (organic life problems)

Enjoy this video and let me know if you have fun watching it!

ps. we paid with our own peso to get in Kidzania. this video is not sponsored. 

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live life and enjoy!



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  1. Advance Happy Birthday!! I enjoyed the video, your kids are so cute :)

  2. kids love kidzania too 😍