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by - Thursday, January 26, 2017



Today is all about Camera gears we use. I remember back in College, i wanted a nice slr camera so bad. I can't afford it back in the day. Now we save a bunch and got the camera gears we love and use! Here are the breakdown of the camera gears we own and use. I don't use them everyday everyday but we use the camera base on the activity we do. i also resell my second hand gears, let me know if youre interested. 

Tech stuff! Here it goes!!!

For our video about Steamboat Drone shots!

1. DJI Phantom 4. I wish we can upgrade to Phantom 4 pro but i dont see any reason why we need to upgrade.


2. GoPro Hero 5. We recently upgraded to this go pro. we used to use go pro 3. So its a big upgrade for us!

3. For vlogging. i use the canon g7x. Here is the link for g7x mark II since i cant find good links for canon g7x.

4. For underwater shots that we just want a quick point and shoot. Canon D20. D20 is no longer available but D30 is. 

5. For super clear photos. We use the FujiFilm X-T2, Canon 70d, and Canon 6d.

These are the camera that we use for blogging, vlogging, drone aerial video, underwater and everyday camera! Hope you find these helpful :)

ps. we bought these cameras with our own $ but if you can give me one for free, that will be awesome!!!

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live life and enjoy!



What i use for blogging Canon G7x >
What i use to take pictures and videos Fujifim xt2 >
Drone >
What i use for taking underwater shots/ action shots, Go Pro Hero 5 >
Kids baby camera >
Kids baby drone >

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  1. I wish I could buy one of those for my mom as a gift for her birthday. They are all great cameras

  2. vlogging and blogging is the new trend everybody & wants to try it. this blog helped me and countless others im sure to give us a briefing about whats best to use if we're thinking about vlogging or blogging