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by - Tuesday, December 20, 2016



How are you doing? Did you got your holiday/Christmas shopping done? Ours are done and I'm excited to see the kids reaction when they open their gifts. Its like the best day ever when i see the kids happy!

Anyway, this video shows one of our family tradition during the holidays!

This year we purchased a Starbucks Ginger bread house. Also shows how to make and decorate ginger bread house. We made the house with the whole family. This gingerbread house was Ayden's first Gingerbread house that he enjoyed building since his almost 3 now. And Alyza's almost 8! < my gosh! Kids are getting big!!!

Enjoy this video! Let me know if you made your own gingerbread house or you buy a pre-made kit house like what we did. 

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live life and enjoy!



ps. were thinking to vlog during our holiday break! so more vids coming soon!!!
also we purchased the Starbucks gingerbread house with our own $ :)

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