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by - Monday, December 26, 2016


Today is the day after Christmas! How was your holidays with your family and friends? Hope it was amazing and relaxing like ours.
Every year, we travel from Denver to Steamboat to have Christmas here. We ski, snowboard and do winter activities! I'm always amazed how this side of the world get the powder snow that everybody love. 

Christmas is a special day for me and my family. So much food to enjoy and we always say "after holidays were back on diet" haha but for sure today I'm back on my normal routine of eating. No more excuses!

The best part of being in Steamboat Colorado is the ski and snowboard! Since this is the highlight of our trip, i made a video dedicated to this! 

Here is the video on how does she ski so fast? she = alyza 

I'm not good at snowboard but Alyza ski like there is no limit, she is not scared at all. Make me proud and scared at the same time. hehe

This video is just couple of days of trip in Steamboat, i will post more vlog soon! :)

Hope you guys enjoy this video! thanks for watching my last vid about fujifim xt2! 

ps. cabin life = hibernate life haha

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live life and enjoy!



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