What is Christmas in the US vs Christmas in the Philippines? Countdown to Christmas! //Cheers Marie

by - Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Just like that November is over! Today is the last day of November 2016. Tomorrow we will be counting down to Christmas! 

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I want to share my childhood memory when I still live in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Christmas starts on the ber months. Ber means September, October, November and December. Sometimes it extends until January and exaggerated through February before Valentines day. Its a tradition that you put up your parol (christmas star) and other Christmas decorations up. The streets, buildings and specially the mall are decorated with Christmas lights!

I remember when we were little (i have 6 siblings), my grandpa drives to SM (Shoe Mart - Supermall in the Philippines) and get us matchy matchy dresses and clothes. After Christmas shopping we go to Kenny Rogers and eat lunch. I also remember my lolo (grandpa) said, "eat mash potatoes instead of rice, there is no rice in United States" "you need to get use of eating mash potatoes" hehe

My dad usually buys us new shoes for Christmas. We dont get to buy new stuff unless the school starts or Christmas day. We rock our new clothes, shoes and little bags for Christmas day. 

On Christmas day we go to our relatives houses and get our gifts. The best gifts are those super new crispy bills from the bank. God fathers and God mothers gives more gift and cash hehe i still remember those super "lutong" (crispy) 2 peso bill hehe

There is also a Catholic tradition called "simbang gabi" mass and after the mass we eat bibingka (rice cake) and puto bung bong. Delish! i miss eating those during Christmas holidays.

Since i moved in the US these tradtions are different. In my family case, we go to Steamboat colorado, stay in our cabin. Spend time in the mountains. Hot tub in the balcony, snowing outside, open gifts at midnight. Snowboard Christmas day. 

Then the day after Christmas, we go to Christmas shopping to get all the sale hehe

I guess Christmas is different here because its cold and snowing all the time. I'm really really excited to be at Steamboat again and spend lots of family time!!!

ps. So many trips planned already! Cant wait to share all our trip travel vlogs!

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live life and enjoy!



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