Rocky Mountain National Park 2016! //Sanchez Fun

by - Wednesday, September 28, 2016



First of all, did you guys see the new dji drone? The Mavic Pro! I really want one now since its so compact and easy to carry. I love our Phantom 4 still since it has this wide angle, kinda like go pro effect on the pics. 

New technology makes me excited yay!

Anyway, this new video is an installment of our vlog from Estes Park. This is the Rocky Mountain National Park. The park was packed last Saturday since its a free park day. Also military get it in free year round!

There are not so many fall colors, but there are some. 

We enjoyed the drive and enjoyed mother nature again! Love how the mountains has snow caps on top!

We also saw elks. They are so so pretty and scary at the same time hehe

Hope you enjoy these Rocky mountain national park video, lots of drone shots plus some play time in the park with the kids!

Have fun! Wednesday Humpday! Almost weekend again!! woohoo!!!

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live life and enjoy!



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