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by - Monday, August 08, 2016


Hellerskie!!! Happy Monday!!!

I know we are all back to work and we need to hustle before school starts. Some schools start today or earlier. I can’t believe summer is almost over!

Last Saturday, me and the whole fam did a trip to check out the Antique Row in Broadway, Denver Co. It was a fun trip but not what I expected it to be. The place advertised it as Block Party for the Broadway street, family friendly and all. I was kind of sad that the road was not blocked at all. So many fast cars since Broadway is a busy street. I was worried if my kids will get hit by the car, so the whole time we were there, the kids are either in the wagon or holding hands with us. I wish they roam around streets as we look at antiques. Anyway, we enjoy each store antique stuff. We loved how the old cars are there for showcase too!

As we were walking, we saw “Maria Empanada” The empanada place we use to go near Morrison. I was surprised how this place turn out so pretty! We will definitely go back and have brunch there again.

Watch our Saturday vlog to see what we saw at 7th Annual Antique Row Outdoor Summer Neighborhood Block Party and some Saturday fun!

Enjoy your Monday!


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