Yoga on the Rocks! Core Power Yoga, Red Rocks Amphitheatre! July 30, 2016 Practice

by - Sunday, July 31, 2016



Last Friday, it was a date night. I vlog Friday activities, ill post that video after this vlog. But the main reason why we had a date night coz the kids are in my in laws house spending the night. 

Coz yesterday we woke up so early for Yoga in the rocks. Me and my hubby enjoyed the night at Belmar. Cant wait to share that!

I want to share our Saturday activity first because I'm so happy that we experienced Yoga on the Rocks, 4 years now in a row! I remember our first year practicing, we didn't know we can park at the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

 So we hiked all the way up red rocks. walked from the parking lot then 393 steps of red rocks stairs. by the time we got up, we are so tired for the yoga. Then we didn't know there are so vendors sampling things in the top so we carry all the free stuff with our hands plus our yoga mat! hehe

 Our second year, we learn our lesson. We parked on the top, hiked a little then brought our little shopping bag to place the free stuff. Third year, my sis in law and my friend Rhiannon joined me! So many years of practicing and we can't wait for next year!

Since i love attending yoga at Core Power, the experience practicing yoga in Red Rocks Amphitheater is just unreal! The place was made for concerts but the beauty of Red Rocks don't stop at concerts. The rocks do exercises activities, movies, concerts, weddings and much more. This is not a sponsored post, i just want to share how i enjoyed the day at Red Rocks attending CPY.

Hope you guys liked this video!!!

Light and love to all! Enjoy your Sunday!!!


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live life and enjoy!



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