California Trip 2016!

by - Friday, May 27, 2016



I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my California trip with my college friends Ruthie and Mark. A quick day trip with my dad’s side of the fam too! Still can’t thank enough that my tito ed and tita bong for a Sunday fun day with their fam!

I created three part video in my YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it, please watch and subscribe. The first part of the video wherein we explore Los Angeles. Ate at Jolibee (famous Filipino fast food), ate at dollar hits and enjoyed coffee/tea. 

Below is the part 1 video :)

Part 2 - Early morning we went to farmers market, we were supposed to hike the Hollywood sign but everything is close and we can't park parking. We walked around Burbank and ate an amazing lunch at Bahay Kuho (small Nipa Hut). i ate so much and its so so good to have authentic filipino food!!!

Below is the part 2 video :)

Part 3 - My tito Ed and tita bong pick me up. I spend saturday night and sunday funday with them. We went to a sushi restaurant for dinner.

Then sunday funday we went to this beautiful church, Christ Catheral. We ate lunch at Slapfish and enjoyed the Huntington Beach.

Below is the part 3 video :)

Wait for my blog post tomorrow about Fort Logan Cemetery to honor all the heroes! Have fun and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone! :)

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live life and enjoy!

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