What to pack for Winter Vacation

by - Monday, December 28, 2015



How's your holidays? Christmas if you celebrate. Ours was chill and relaxing. Went up to our little time share in Granby. Drove by winter park. Family time, best times!

I'm creating this blog post as the title says "WHAT TO PACK FOR WINTER VACATION" so I can share my experience. I'm a mom of two. one turning 7 and one turning 2. Oh gosh! the kids are getting so big so fast!

I know its hard to know what to really pack when going to snowie mountains/winter places vacation. Were lucky that we live in Denver and just few hours road trip to see the beautiful snow mountains of Colorado!

Believe me, even with this checklist, sometimes i still forgot something. There's always a local king sooper/city mark or any convenient store nearby but its nicer to have it on your luggage. We usually go up in the mountains every two weeks so i kinda think i master the packing for winter places? hehe 

Below are my check list for our next mountain trip. steamboat Colorado!

1. Snow Suit - trust me, if you bring a snow suit for the kids, it will keep them warm. Layering is not really good with toddlers/kids since they feel restricted. 
2. Snow boots + Winter socks - thick socks perfect for those snow boots! Keep their feet warm.
3. Gloves, hats, beanies and scarf - your kids want to play in the snow? "build a snow man"? sled? gandola ride? these will be your best friends - winter accessories!
4. Onesies/jammies - best clothes to put underneath the snow suit! its like a zip lock hehe
5. Sun screen, sunglasses, lotion - keep them protected from the sun and keep their skin moisturize
6. Great stroller - I use orbit stroller since it has this nice set up where in i can adjust the base if my son wants to nap but it has a cool sidekick skateboard attachment that my daughter can stand up if she get lazy walking during our stroll downtown or just going shopping.
7. Books, toys, car games - this will be handy when you're doing a road trip. the patience of kids in a car ride is very little. I've experience it haha
8. Snacks, water, something to chew on - when elevation gets high as you drive up in the mountains, ears tend to pop and it hurts the kids. just like riding on an airplane. get them something to chew on or drink so the pressure on the baby/kids tiny ears will go away.
9. Vitamins/medicines - don't forget to bring vitamins/medicine for the little ones. cold weather is kinda hard on kids body.
10. back pack/diaper bag - make sure you have all the necessity in your diaper bag. read my whats in my diaper bag post for more info. http://www.marieblog.com/2015/01/whats-inside-my-diaper-bag.html

What to Pack for Winter vacation

Bkr glass water bottle

Paper plate

Outdoor home decor

Victoria s Secret intimate

Forever 21 ankle socks

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag
$270 - nordstrom.com

UGG Australia accessory
$60 - selfridges.com

Eos lip treatment

The North Face Infant Faroe Hat

French Terry Leggings

Ski Lodge Sweater

Hope this check list help you! enjoy the snow and winter weather! 

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live life and enjoy!

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